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The story of Bible Baptist Church is best described as taking a stand for reaching the lost through the Bus Ministry.  Some at the old church were not content with "this many children being brought in and messing up the church buildings" so... obedience to the command of the Lord to "win the lost at any cost" made it necessary to separate and establish Bible Baptist Church. December of 1973, the handful of people began to meet in various church members houses including Pastor Mike Lamb's. Those faithful members then rented the music room at Yuba College as the Lord blessed.


For nearly a year Bible Baptist Church faithfully gathered at those different meeting places until November of 1974 when the Jewish Community Center opened up for lease. The Lord used this stable location as the home of Bible Baptist for 17 months. The church  grew mightily influentially, spiritually, and numerically.


All the while God was planting a beautiful 5 acre almond orchard on North Beale Rd that would soon get its start at bearing fruit. This orchard would be the first property purchased by Bible Baptist. Soon afterwards, the Brophy School building, built in the 1920's, on Hammonton Smartsville Road would be transported and joined together with another building  brought to the new property.  These buildings were combined and ready for use in time for over 400 people to gather on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1976. Two years later, we would have need of yet another building. Our main worship building was built and people were added to it as the Lord continued to bless.


In the summer of 2010, after what seemed to be a small remnant of people that had gone over half a year without a pastor, God raised a man from Graham, Washington with a comfortable ministry position, two lucrative side businesses, and property with family nearby to move to Marysville, California and help restore Bible Baptist Church. Within a year the church was averaging over 200 people and the evening service attendance more than doubled. Pastor Brown has a vision to reach this city for Christ and it's evident weekly by seeing visitors walk through the doors, walking down the aisles for salvation, and following the Lord in believer's baptism. The Easter of 2016, we were able to see 525 in attendance, a couple dozen salvations, and 3 baptisms. Now, that original building that was joined together on our property in '76 is going through an expansion where we will be more than doubling in size.


Today, the Bible Baptist Church is a thriving testimony that God is still in the business of changing lives! Words could not describe God’s goodness in this place, and all of the glory belongs to the Lord! The lives changed, the families rescued, and the victories won have all been by God’s amazing grace! To Him be all the glory for His wonderful works at Bible Baptist Church!







We go into all the world, supporting over 45 missions works around the globe. We go into the highways and hedges of Marysville and our surrounding cities with buses and dedicated workers who consistently spread the Gospel and invite people to church.



Our number one goal in every ministry we have is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. We win people to Jesus Christ by simply obeying His commandment to go!



We are a Baptist church! The Bible teaches that the first step after salvation is baptism, and we help encourage those that we see come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior to be baptized right away! Every year our church will see hundreds receive Christ and follow in obedience by being baptized!



We believe that salvation and baptism are the most important decisions a person will make. After this, now what? BBC is a place where the entire family can come and learn about Christ. We have many different adult, teen, and elementary Sunday school classes available each and every Sunday. On Wednesdays we have Bible study, prayer time, discipleship for new believers, and children's programs.


Bible Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, premillenial, non-charismatic, soul-winning, Bible believing, family-oriented church. We are a church that believes the Bible is the final rule of faith and practice and that Christ is the head of our church and homes. We believe in a traditional style of worship and use Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs that edify the saints and glorify God. We use the King James Version only in all of our church programs.


The following comprise the Scriptural beliefs of this church and its members.

This doctrinal statement does not exhaust the extent of our faith. The Bible itself is the sole and final source of all that we believe.

Bible Baptist Church






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