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The teenage years can be confusing, difficult, and challenging! But they can also be awesome! Through Sunday classes, weekly outreach, monthly activities, annual trips, and programs, the teens at Bible Baptist Church are challenged and equipped to live for Christ while they are in their youth. Each year, the teens can look forward to camps, trips, outreach events, fun activities, and many opportunities to grow in God’s Word. We do everything within our power to provide the Bible-based wisdom that teens need, combined with the friendly atmosphere that teens enjoy, to help them fulfill God’s plan for their life!


Provide Real Answers

In a world of lies – what’s really true? From the Bible, you can get answers for every question and problem in life, and you can find out that God really is on your side! He wants to help you every day and wants you to know Him personally. The single most important question you will ever have to answer is, “If I were to die today, would I spend eternity in Heaven with God?” Click here to see what the Bible says about going to heaven.

Other Things You will learn

- What is my purpose in life?

- Is some entertainment harmful?

- What is a family?

- Can a marriage really be happy?

- What is true maturity?

- How can I develop character?

- Is the Bible really God’s Word?

- Is Jesus really God’s Son?

- What happens after death?

- What is real love?

- Why was I created?


Hi, my name is Jordan Gilreath. I am the

Youth Pastor here at Bible Baptist Church.

As a young person just like many teenagers

 today, I struggled with many problems like

having a bad relationship with my parents,

struggling with where I fit in, and even

wondering what happens to me when I die.

 I had believed that living for the pleasures

of this world was my answer, but soon after

I realized I was wrong. One day through the youth ministry of a bible believing Baptist church, I realized my answer was that I needed a Savior. That Savior was Jesus Christ. As a teenager, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior, I grew in the Lord, and surrendered to God’s will for my life.

My wife, Lena Gilreath, was born and raised in a Christian home. At the age 7, she accepted Christ as her personal Savior. During her teen years, the Lord worked in her life in a mighty way and she desired to serve the Lord with her life.

After graduating high school, my wife and I met at Bible College where we grew closer to God and each other. Desiring to serve God with our lives, after college graduation, we married and moved to Marysville, CA to serve God at Bible Baptist Church. Here at Bible Baptist Church, we have the great opportunity to invest our lives into the youth. We realize that the teenage years are a vital time in the life of an individual. My teen years are the reason why I am where I am today and without my Savior and youth pastor, I would be on a road to destruction. That is why I strongly believe every teenager ought to have a youth pastor to guide them into the right direction. My wife and I are dedicated to reaching and working with the youth of our area.


Provide Real Fun

Some people think Christians can’t have fun! The fact is, we have more fun than anyone else!! The difference is, this is the kind of fun that won’t get you hurt or in trouble. It’s the kind of fun you can have with a clear conscience – the kind that creates good memories, hilarious moments, and awesome friendships.

- Youth Conference

- Youth Camps

- Beach Blast


Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor - Youth Leader Bible Baptist Church Marysville California

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